Workout Wednesday SUP Training

Success in your SUP training involves a commitment to excellence and consistency. Focus on your goals and consistently make decisions to help you achieve them. I created the ‘Workout Wednesday’ posts to give you specific SUP training drills that can be completed each week. Use the SUP training sessions to stay focused, improve your conditioning and prepare for your next big SUP race. Remember that SUP training should revolve around a periodized SUP training schedule so that you are peaking for a particular event and not over training.

As you prepare for your race, you should begin to get your SUP training, equipment and nutrition dialed in. Each Wednesday I will continue to post the Workout Wednesday SUP training tips and exercises. Use the SUP training workouts listed each week and check out the detailed SUP training programs for more workouts and valuable SUP training information. Please send your feedback and questions so that I can include new SUP training tips and exercises in future Workout Wednesday articles.

SUP Beach Race High Intensity Intervals

The end of summer seems to be beach race season.  I’ve put together my favorite training session to specifically prepare for a beach race. A big part of all SUP training is race specific training. You are not setting yourself up for success if you are busting your butt training for a beach race but cannot perform a fast beach start through the waves. The start of a beach race is often the most critical time of the race as you punch through the waves and jockey for position.

This SUP training workout is designed to give race specific training to help achieve the fastest beach starts possible and activate your anaerobic sprint paddling system. This workout should be completed 2-3 weeks prior to your big event and should be followed by a rest day or a low intensity cross training session.

  • Warm up with 10 minutes of paddling at a medium, comfortable pace.
  • Rest for 2 minutes
  • Go into the beach and line up 10-15 feet above the high water line. Try to focus on each beach start as if it was a race. You should be running with your board at your fastest pace possible. Sprint for 1 minute out through the surf.
  • Rest 1 minute with light paddling away from the beach for recovery.
  • Turn around and sprint into the beach. This sprint should be around 1 minute. Remember that catching waves and successfully surfing into the beach is just as important as getting a good start.
  • Rest 1 minute on the beach.
  • Repeat 10 times for a total of 20 1-minute sprints.
  • Finish the session with 10 minutes of cool-down paddling.

Make sure you pace yourself in each interval and throughout the entire SUP training session. You need to be finishing the workout at maximum speed. This is high intensity SUP training session that should leave you exhausted. Good luck and happy paddling!