Who We Are


The Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association is an organization created by many of the most experienced and decorated stand up paddlers in the world. We love the sport and will strive to be a positive influence on it’s development. Athletes on the stand up paddle competition circuit have been talking about forming a global association for the last four years. SUPAA is finally a reality and ready to serve you, the stand up paddle athlete.

After extensive collaboration between stand up paddlers, SUP manufacturers, race directors and top industry personnel, we were able to form the SUPAA Rulebook. This document is a key tool to help the sport of stand up paddle boarding continue to grow in a positive and inclusive way.  SUPAA will work to implement these rules at stand up paddle events around the world in order to create competitions with the highest standards possible.

Through the vision and guidance of our Board of Directors and Advisory Board, we will work to create a path for success in the sport of stand up paddle boarding.

The purpose of our exploratory meeting in September, 2013 was to gather input from athletes representing countries from around the world, vote on key issues and gain momentum for the launch of SUPAA. Check out the list of the star-studded attendees below.

Check out our mission and vision statements and we look forward to seeing you on the water soon!

SUPAA Meeting Attendees

  • Candice Appleby
  • Chuck Patterson
  • Danny Ching
  • Anthony Vela
  • Travis Grant
  • Kelly Margetts
  • Annabel Anderson
  • Jake Jenson
  • Terrene Black
  • Matt Becker
  • Slater Trout
  • Chase Kosterlitz
  • Chris Parker
  • Sean Poynter
  • Paul Jackson
  • Pete Dorries
  • Casper Stienfath
  • Eric Terrien
  • Belar Diaz
  • Cody Kerbox
  • Kristina Zur
  • Rami Zur
  • Leo Nika

Special Thanks to Matt Schweitzer for filming!


SUPAA is dedicated to promoting excellence in the sport of stand up paddling.  In pursuing this mission, SUPAA will  (a) establish organizational standards to improve the quality of events and instruction (b) promote rules to ensure fair competition and (c) endeavor to establish a standard of excellence in all aspects of stand up paddling.  These initiatives will produce a uniformly positive experience for stand up paddle constituent groups, including but not limited to: athletes, officials, sponsors, spectators, volunteers, media, consumers and manufacturers.


With the guidance of the world’s top stand up paddle athletes, race directors and industry personnel, we will cultivate and continue positive growth of the sport of stand up paddling.

Through our organizational programs we will provide a framework within which uncompromising standards can be implemented and executed.

Through our membership and programs we will act on behalf of the standup paddle athlete while also representing the interests of stand up paddle board officials, sponsors, media, consumers and manufacturers.