Using SUP Racing And Training To Do Good In The World

SUP racing is not always about elite athletic performance and carbon fiber boards. Stand up paddle boarding is often used as an avenue to do good for communities, children and charity. There are countless SUP events held around the world each SUP racing season that benefit amazing causes. SUPAA is proud to help event organizers put on great races while they work to do good in the world.

In December of last year, SUPAA race official, Raul Delgado,  put on an event for the children in his neighborhood south of Lima, Peru. The kids in the event came from poor families and without the help of Raul, would never have the opportunity to stand up paddle.

Raul says, ‘Basically I took kids out of the streets in my neighborhood, gave them race boards and a paddle, and twice a week throughout 2014, taught them to paddle and trained them. Two of the kids finished 2014 with the one and two positions on the national SUP circuit. Our neighborhood team has eight young paddlers in the national races, and ten more training to join them.’

Raul has been able to give the kid’s a break from from some harsh realities at home, while teaching them hard work and dedication on the water. Children are the future of our sport and should be incorporated into as many SUP racing events as possible. Raul is not only ensuring a great future for Peruvian SUP racing, but is doing good along the way.

The Future of Peruvian SUP racing.

SUP race training groups are a common trend in SUP communities around the world. Paddlers get together and train for races or simply for a good workout. Many of these groups already have a kid’s group or have the ability to add one. A SUP race training program can keep kids focused and active while teaching them the value of hard work and dedication. Follow the example of Raul and add a kid’s SUP race training group to your local paddle community.

SUPAA encourages our race officials to host a kid’s SUP race at all of their events and recommends all SUP race officials to do the same. Creating a kid’s event is as easy as putting a buoy 200 meters off the beach and having one out-and-back lap. A simple SUP race is enough to put a huge smile on any kids face. SUP racing can create a positive impact on a child and is likely to ensure they will be hooked on SUP,  creating a new member of our great community.

Raul and his team are looking for support to help continue their project. You can find more information on the positive impact they are having and get in touch with Raul here.

Find out how to put on a fair, fun and safe kid’s event by checking out the SUPAA rulebook as well as our Race Management section on our website. Feel free to email us with your questions and to become a certified SUPAA race official today.