Understanding The SUPAA Rulebook

Stand up paddle board racing is still in its infancy. There are certain growing pains that we must go through if stand up paddle racing is to be taken seriously as a sport. The SUPAA Rulebook was created by the top stand up paddle athletes and event organizers to help establish a standard for stand up paddle racing worldwide. All sports become organized through a cohesive set of rules implemented throughout all competitions. Stand up paddle boarding should be no different.

SUPAA was not created to become the sheriff of stand up paddle racing. One of our goals is to standardize stand up paddle racing rules in order to help the sport continue positive growth. Imagine a basketball player having to relearn the rules every time they played in a game. This is what is happening in the world of stand up paddle racing today. SUPAA will work to prevent misunderstandings in racing rules, institute board restrictions, keep races safe for all participants and help with many other issues that can come up at an event.

We know that putting on a stand up paddle race is a thankless job. Almost all stand up paddle event organizers put on events because of their passion for the sport. SUPAA is equally as passionate about stand up paddling, and will work to make the job of a race director easier. Our Board of Directors and Athlete Representatives are available for consultation before, during and after SUPAA events.

Read the 2014 SUPAA Rulebook to see how it can be implemented into your event or in one that you race in. Each rule was written from the first-hand experiences of stand up paddle athletes and race directors.  2014 will be an implementation year for the SUPAA Rulebook. We will work to certify SUPAA Race Officials and educate paddlers about the rules. Throughout the year we will gather input and knowledge from stand up paddle constituent groups around the world in order to improve our rules. We encourage all stand up paddle races to adopt the rules and provide feedback. In 2015 we will sanction the first SUPAA certified events.

For individual race support and to officially adopt the SUPAA Rulebook visit our Race Management page to sign up for your FREE race support benefits. You can also contact us at info@supathletes.com with any questions.