SUPAA Working With UK SUP Clubs Race Series

Stand up paddlers around the world are taking matters into their own hands. SUP racing is growing at an incredible pace and with that there is great fragmentation of the sport. SUPAA was formed in order to work to bring the sport together so that we can concentrate our efforts to make it bigger and better, not more divided.

A group of the top paddlers from the UK contacted SUPAA in late 2013 to discuss the possibility of working with us on a new project they were developing. Tired of a divided race scene with conflicting dates and confusing rules, paddlers started the UK SUP Clubs Race Series. These clubs have decided to incorporate existing events into a series of races that are well organized and fun.

When we heard about this project we immediately saw their vision for unification of the races and rules in the UK. The UK SUP Club Race Series will be adopting the SUPAA Rulebook in 2014. We will work with the clubs to implement the rules and take their feedback to help improve them. The standardization of rules is not just necessary for a good event, but for a safe event as well.

We will not officially sanction any SUPAA events until 2015. We will however, encourage race officials around the world to adopt the SUPAA Rulebook and implement it as their events in 2014. Through the feedback we receive from race officials and athletes we will work to refine the rules. In 2014 we will certify SUPAA Race Officials so that in 2015 these officials can manage SUPAA sanctioned events.

We look forward to working with the UK Sup Club Race Series as well as events around the world. 2014 is a big year for SUPAA and the sport of stand up paddling! You can find out more about the series on the UK SUP Clubs website.