The SUPAA Rulebook Is Now Available In Japanese!

The support of SUPAA around the world has been amazing.

In our first month we have members on 6 continents and over 15 countries.

Without our members from all SUP backgrounds and skill levels, we would not be able to carry out our mission. We are very thankful for your support!

Advisory board member and SUPAA representative for Japan, Tomoyasu Murabayashi, has translated the entire 2014 SUPAA Rulebook to Japanese. This is no easy task as Japanese writing systems are very complicated with an alphabet and grammatical rules completely different than English. Tomo was able to translate the entire 22-page rulebook in just three weeks. It is this type of hard work and passion for the sport that will continue to drive SUPAA to improve stand up paddling around the world.

You can help us achieve our goals by becoming a member and enjoying the many great benefits of SUPAA.

In 2014 we will work to certify race officials so that we can officially sanction our first SUPAA events in 2015. You can find detailed information about our race official certification programs on the race management page.

We thank Tomo for his amazing support of the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association and we look forward to a great SUP future in Japan. Whether or not you can read Japanese, take a look at his beautiful work of art below.  We look forward to versions in Italian, German and Spanish coming soon!

2014 SUPAA Rulebook-Japanese Translation