SUPAA Launch Generating Buzz

The soft launch of the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association has generated a lot of press from around the world. Stand up paddle media from five countries have already published articles informing their readers about SUPAA and our mission. We are very excited to continue to share all of the great programs and news we have coming from SUPAA. We are thankful for the stand up paddle media who is helping us to share our message with SUP athletes. recently published an in-depth article about the launch of SUPAA.

‘Something very strange took place at this year’s Battle of the Paddle California, though despite it being one of the most important events of BOP Week, virtually nobody saw it and very few people even heard about it: For once, a big chunk of the world’s best stand up paddlers sat down in the same place at the same time and chatted about the future of their sport.

Despite 500+ SUP races around the world each year, the Battle is still the only event that draws all the top athletes, but even then the week is a bit of a circus and paddlers rarely have time to get together. For this reason it was quite an achievement to get so many of the world’s best in the same room for three straight hours of animated discussion about the future of SUP racing.

That’s how the new SUP Athletes Association (or “SUPAA”) was born, though it’s a movement that’s been in the works for much longer than that. For the past six months or more, several of the top names in the sport have spent countless hours working to create an organisation that could play a foundational role in future Stand Up Paddle racing.

SUPAA will officially launch on the 31st December but the details of the Association are formally coming to light this week. The group – and that’s really what SUPAA is, a group of paddlers, whether they be elite or amateur, who are passionate about SUP – exists solely to promote the future of the sport. The aim is to ensure SUP racing continues to grow but to do so in a healthy and stable fashion, one that promotes the sport at an amateur level while also looking after the interests of the athletes at the top. Because after all, whether you’re an elite pro or a weekend warrior, paddlers are the sport.’

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