How Is SUPAA Different Than Other Organizations

There are many great stand up paddle organizations throughout the world working to promote the sport. However, we felt there was a need for a truly global organization to unify the racing rules and interests of all stand up paddle constituent groups. This is why the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association was formed.

SUPAA is not affiliated with, or working directly alongside any existing stand up paddle organizations. We will cooperate with all existing entities and encourage them to adopt the SUPAA Rulebook.

Below are important initiatives that SUPAA has accomplished. We will continue to strive for excellence as we move forward.

  • The SUPAA Rulebook is the most comprehensive set of rules ever created for stand up paddling.
  • SUPAA is the first and only stand up paddle organization with athlete representatives on five continents.
  • SUPAA is the first and only organization to work with stand up paddle brands and establish board restrictions.
  • Our Board of Directors and Advisory Board are comprised of the most experienced and accomplished stand up paddle athletes and individuals in the world.
  • SUPAA is the first and only organization to create stand up paddle Race Official Certification Courses.