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Short on Time? Introducing the 1-Minute SUP Workout

Don’t you hate it when you don’t have enough time to complete a quality training session? Good news! You may only need 1 [...]

Interval SUP Training Audio Workout

In an effort to continue to improve the experience of stand up paddle athletes I have created an interval SUP training audio workout. [...]

How to Stand Up Paddle Downwind: A SUP Downwind Video Tutorial

Use this SUP downwind video tutorial to improve your downwind technique. Read the article I wrote for below about the art and [...]

SUP Racing Fatigue: Perception IS Everything

What if exhaustion in a SUP race was not our physical inability to continue or push, but simply us giving up? SUP racing [...]

What SUP Racers Can Learn From Ultimate Fighting

Last weekend I watched the UFC 196 mixed martial arts (MMA) Championship and couldn’t stop thinking about the similarities between SUP racing and MMA. [...]

Use Duck Tape To Improve Your SUP Technique

Duct tape is a valuable asset to the unskilled paddleboard repairman or repair-woman. It can be used to patch holes in a board, [...]

Understand Stroke Variability To Master SUP Technique

The information on SUP technique below will help stand up paddlers of all skill levels. Whether you have never entered a SUP race [...]

Road Trip! Use These Simple SUP Race Travel

I arrived in Germany yesterday to compete in the Lost Mills SUP race for the fourth year in a row. One of my [...]

Important Announcement About The Golden Buoy At Your Next SUP Race

The golden buoy, or first buoy turn of a race, is one of the most critical elements of race strategy and course layout [...]

Get Results With These SUP Race Pacing Tips

SUP race pacing is as much about mental toughness as it is about physical ability. Follow these guidelines to help reach your goals [...]

Drastically Improve Your SUP Race Results With Drafting

This article is not a debate on drafting in SUP racing. Love it or hate it, drafting is here to stay. If you [...]

Learn From My Mistakes: Why I Failed At My First Big SUP Race

Did you know you can train six days a week and still be unprepared to race? It was 2010, and I was excited [...]

Use This Interval SUP Training For Maximum Results

Each race season we make important decisions about our SUP training and racing. Some questions we ask ourselves are, “How hard and long [...]

The 10 Golden Rules Of A Successful SUP Training Program

Setting up a solid SUP training program is key to reaching your full athletic potential and goals. Read The 10 Golden Rules of [...]

How To Cheat At Your Next SUP Race

The SUPAA rulebook is a comprehensive document designed to be a detailed guide for putting on a safe, fun and fair SUP race [...]

Win Your Race Before It Starts With A Solid SUP Race Strategy

Do you know the fastest way to paddle into this inlet? If your answer is no, you don’t know the fastest way, then [...]

Setting Goals For A Successful SUP Race Season

One of the best techniques to increase preparedness and motivation in SUP training and racing is goal setting. Getting up early for a [...]

The Fundamentals Of SUP Technique

Winter in the northern hemisphere is pretty much the unofficial off season for stand up paddle racing. It’s a great time to recover [...]