SUP Race Officials From 6 Countries Join First Online Course

The Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association is pleased to announce the completion of our first online race official certification on February 28th, 2015. SUP race officials from Italy, France, Spain, UK, Portugal and the United States made up the nine international course attendees. The initial feedback on the live online course has been very positive, giving us the confidence to move forward and continue to offer live online courses in addition to our in-person courses.


SUPAA Race Offical Course

SUPAA President, Chase Kosterlitz, hosts 9 race officials during the live course on February 28th, 2015


SUPAA has now certified a total of 39 SUP race officials on 5 continents since May of 2014. These race officials will host officially sanctioned SUPAA events using the tools and knowledge gained from our course and continued support. The process of certification ensures that there is a certain level of standardization and excellence shown at all SUPAA events. Without any oversight, there is no way to guarantee the quality to SUPAA events. Through our certification program we hope to give SUP race officials the best information to help them host the premier SUP races in the world.


Race officials are taking notice and becoming certified, adopting our rules and promoting our mission around the globe. This summer, a collection of the 8 biggest races on the European continent known as the Euro Tour, will be using our rules and be run entirely by certified SUPAA race officials. We hope to continue to work with the world’s biggest and best SUP events so that race officials, athletes, sponsors and spectators will benefit from a more organized sport of stand up paddling.


The next online race official course will be held on Saturday, April 11th from 10 AM-2 PM eastern standard time. Spots are limited so save the date and register here now. Complete course details are available on the registration page.


About SUPAA Race Official Certification

One of the goals of SUPAA is to help give direction and organization to the sport of stand up paddle racing. A key ingredient to positive growth is a universal set of rules with race officials educated on implementation of these rules. The purpose of the SUPAA race official certification course is to give race officials the tools and knowledge necessary to properly execute the SUPAA rulebook. Upon completion of the course, race officials must pass the exam to become a certified SUPAA race official.

SUPAA race officials are qualified to conduct the event operations at any SUPAA sanctioned event. At least one SUPAA race official must be working with an event in order for that event to receive official SUPAA certification.

SUPAA race official certification is valid for 3-years from the date of passing the certification exam as long as annual race official membership remains up-to-date.