SUP Race Official Certification

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One of the goals of SUPAA is to help give direction and organization to the sport of stand up paddle racing. A key ingredient to positive growth is a universal set of rules with race officials educated on implementation of these rules.

We have been working extensively with the top race directors and athletes to help form a program that will have the greatest benefit to everyone. In 2014, SUPAA hosted Race Official Certification Courses on five continents to certify thirty SUPAA race officials.

Upon completion of the SUPAA race official course, certified officials will automatically gain a one-year SUPAA membership. SUPAA members receive great discounts with our corporate partners and access to exclusive training and racing tools and information.  There are a limited number of spots available for each certification course.

Register for our live online SUP race official certification course on December 5th from 10-2 Eastern Standard Time by signing up below.  There are a limited number of spots so register today!


“As one of the few sup race directors in the Netherlands, I have faced many situations such as false starts due to bad starting line layouts, severe weather and sea state conditions, close finishes and missed buoys. In all these cases, asking the right questions, good judgement and a clear set of rules are mandatory. The SUPAA course helped me in ensuring that the game of sup racing is played at high and consistent quality with the same set of rules for all races.”

-Hans Schouten
Race Director
11-City SUP Tour-Holland
Dutch Championship Series


“I was a first time race director and really needed guidance on how to structure a successful stand up paddleboard race. I chose to take the SUPAA race official certification course because I had attended Chase Kosterlitz’s races in the past and thought they were fun and well managed. The SUPAA race official course was exactly what I needed…it gave me the practical knowledge of years of both professional racer and race director’s experiences from all over the world. It covered areas such as setting up your support team, registration and communication to racers, safety protocol, starting and finishing procedures, race rules and enforcement, prize money guidelines…the list goes on and on. 

I am now in my third year of producing fun and well managed races and attribute a lot of our success to the training and guidance I received from my SUPAA race director certification course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the ropes of putting on a race or to take their race to the next level.”


-Rob Alfieri

Race Director
Sarasota SUP Championships

Sarasota SUP Race Series Founder


Race Official Certification Outline

The purpose of the SUPAA race official certification course is to give race officials the tools and knowledge necessary to properly execute the SUPAA rulebook. Upon completion of the course, race officials must pass the exam to become a certified SUPAA race official.

SUPAA race officials are qualified to conduct the event operations at any SUPAA sanctioned event. At least one SUPAA race official must be working with an event in order for that event to receive official SUPAA certification.

SUPAA race official certification is valid for 3-years from the date of passing the certification exam as long as annual race official membership remains up-to-date.


Online Course Schedule

*All times are Eastern Standard Time*


10:00-10:30 AM             Introduction to SUPAA

10:30:00-12:30 AM     Presentation of the SUPAA rulebook. Detailed explanations, Q and A.

Key SUP race points:

-Board Specifications
-Pre-Event Details
-Racers Meeting
-Starting Procedures
-Race Vessel Operation
-Course Formats
-Paddling On The Course
-Protest Procedures
-Finishing Procedures

12:30-1:30 PM-             Interactive rulebook demonstrations and discussion

1:30-2:00 PM-              Rulebook Review. Online test

SUPAA race official certification is valid for 3 years from the date the course is passed. Race officials may renew their certification through online testing once their certification is expired after 3 years. New online courses or testing may be offered in the future to account for developments in the sport of stand up paddling.


SUPAA Race Official Certification Course:

$249 USD


  • Certificate designation as a SUPAA race official.
  • Access to exclusive SUP race official news, information, and continuing education.
  • Discounts with all SUPAA corporate partners.
  • 1-year SUPAA Race Official Membership.
  • Individual race official support and guidance through email and phone.
  • Inclusion in our directory of SUPAA race officials on our website.
  • Online promotion of any SUP race events you are involved with as a SUPAA race official.