SUP Training The Smart Way – Elite Package

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  • SUP Training The Smart Way eBook
  • 12-Week Race Ready Training Program
  • 5 One-On-One Virtual Coaching Sessions
    The most effective way to learn and improve with individualized critique from experienced coaches. Don’t second guess yourself, get coaching from the pros.
  • Video Stroke Analysis
    Detailed assessment of your technique with a written report including specific drills and customized instruction on how you can perfect your technique. All of the training in the world can go to waste if your technique is poor.

Choose Advanced or Intermediate/Beginner below.

  • Beginner/Intermediate: For paddlers who want to improve their results and learn to train the right way. Volume and intensity are lower than the Advanced Program but are still sufficient to help you improve your results and accomplish your goals.
  • Advanced: You should be able to confidently paddle a 7-mile race at full effort before using this program. The volume and intensity are higher in this program. Choose this program if you want to finish on the podium and win races.



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One-On-One Coaching

Not only will you get the incredible value of the eBook and 12-Week Race Ready Training Program, you also receive guidance and coaching by program creator, athlete and coach, Chase Kosterlitz. The five one-on-one virtual coaching sessions will ensure you stay on track with your SUP training program and answer any questions you have along the way. Join Chase through email, Skype or phone to discuss any problems in your SUP training, racing or technique development. With over six years of elite SUP racing and coaching around the world, Chase will give actionable answers to help you reach your goals.

Video Stroke Analysis

You will also receive a detailed analysis of your stroke through video submission. Using poor technique is a major cause of injury and reduced performance for stand up paddlers. We paddle thousands of times during a training session or race. If each stroke is just a little off or incorrect, the compounded effects can be tremendously negative.

To complete the filming and submission, follow the simple step-by-step instructions sent to your email. Any smart phone will be sufficient for capturing and uploading the video. Using video to improve technique is the absolute best way to see what you are doing wrong and work to make the correct adjustments. Each analysis includes a comprehensive report with detailed drills and instructions to help improve your technique. Don’t let the hard work in your training and racing suffer because of poor SUP technique.

12-Week Race Ready SUP Training Program

This option includes the SUP Training The Smart Way eBook plus the 12-Week Race Ready SUP Training Program (Beginner/Intermediate or Advanced Program for a 5 to 14-mile race). Both programs contain every detailed workout you need to prepare for your race and achieve maximum results. Each periodized 12-Week Program uses heart rate based training zones to accurately gauge your effort so you can maximize the efficiency and benefits of each workout. Targeted interval workouts help train the right energy systems at the rights times to help you reach peak performance for your race.

Both programs contain detailed instructions for tailoring the plan to your experience and the distance and type of race you are training for. Would you rather train for more or less than 12-weeks? There are detailed instructions for adapting the program to fit these needs. For advanced paddlers, the 12-Week Advanced Program is the exact training Chase Kosterlitz has developed and used for the past three years to get proven results. The beginner program is based on these same principles of training with similar workouts, only at lower volumes and intensities and slightly different strategies. Regardless of your skill level, both plans will help you get results.

Start your program with a step-by-step guide to assess your current level of performance. This will allow you to monitor progression throughout the program and make the prescribed adjustments as needed.  The training begins with a short base development phase to establish the foundation of your SUP training. The periodized volume and intensity builds from week to week, with rest weeks to help consolidate gains and maximize training benefits.

Approaching the race, you won’t need to second-guess your training strategies as there are tapering and peaking phases built into the program. This will help you reach peak performance at just the right time for maximum results. Don’t leave your training to chance and consider one of the 12-Week Programs to prepare for your next race the smart way.

SUP Training The Smart Way eBook Product Description

SUP Training The Smart Way will answer your questions and provide easy-to-follow steps for implementation and guaranteed improvement. Whether you are a beginner or advanced paddler, you will find useful tips and strategies in this ultimate SUP resource. The eBook gives everything you need to structure your SUP training with targeted exercises and strategies that will help you train and race smarter, not harder. Inside you’ll find step-by-step explanations accompanied by charts and graphs on technique optimization, specific heart rate based workouts, nutrition timing, race strategy, pacing, equipment selection, cross training and more. No topic is left uncovered.

This isn’t just another stroke technique breakdown, interval training workout or generalized recommendation for the things you need to do. This is actionable information directly from professional athlete experience and experts in the fields of nutrition, strength and conditioning and endurance training.

The eBook also contains a 16-Week Basic SUP Training Program to help a beginner athlete successfully train for a 3 to 6-mile race. This program teaches the fundamentals of SUP training and outlines every workout needed to understand and implement a periodized training program.


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