Paddle Coach Stroke Analysis

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This program includes a detailed break-down of your stroke from the top stand up paddle coaches in the world. During your video analysis we will examine each part of your stroke and give specific feedback for improvement in writing. After your initial comprehensive feedback, you will receive one additional personal consultation session to continue improvement via phone, Skype or email.

Stroke Analysis

One of the most important parts of stand up paddling is stroke technique. Proper technique will help you paddle longer, faster, stronger and prevent injury. Paddling with correct technique is essential whether you are a hard core racer or a weekend warrior. Coaching through video analysis is the best way to get on the correct path to proper stand up paddle stroke technique.

Product Description

How to redeem your Paddle Coach Stroke Analysis:

  • Get a friend to film your stroke from a head-on and side angle. Film from these angles two times each for a total of four passes. A smartphone camera will be sufficient, however, a HD video camera is recommended.
  • From the head-on and side angles, paddle within ten feet of the camera at 70% speed or a fairly light intensity. This should be a nice cruising pace with little exertion.
  • For the second set of angles, paddle within ten feet of the camera at 90-100%. This is your race pace with high intensity but still maintaining control.
  • Each intensity and angle should show at least 20 seconds of paddling and no more than 1-minute.
  • Upload your video to youtube or vimeo and send the link to Be sure to include your first and last name.

We will get back to you within one week with a complete Paddle Coach Stroke Analysis.  Your review includes a detailed stroke analysis with specific tips and exercises for improvement. After this initial feedback, you will receive one personal consultation session to continue improvement via phone, Skype or email.

If you are interested in continued Paddle Coach support you can choose from a variety of Paddle Coach packages to keep improving with one-on-one online coaching.