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Status Update: What’s Up With SUPAA and SUP Racing?

It’s been over 3 years since the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association was formed and I thought now would be a good time [...]

Make SUP Racing Great Again!

The early years of SUP racing saw participation double in many events year over year. Of course, no sport will see this kind of [...]

What SUP Racers Can Learn From The New NBA Champs

Cleveland Cavaliers completed an improbable comeback to become NBA champions last night. The Cavs were down 3-1 in a best of 7 series [...]

French Doc Prescribes SUP Instead of Pills

SUP can be a great tool to heal the mind and body. Any paddler will tell you this, and now if you live [...]

Breaking News: SUP Is In The Beach Olympics

With surfing getting the nod for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there has been a lot of talk about SUP and it’s path to [...]

Rest: The Most Underrated SUP Training Tool

There is one simple key to a successful SUP training program and competition schedule, yet it is often used improperly. Rest. Rest is [...]

Workout Wednesday SUP Training

Success in your SUP training involves a commitment to excellence and consistency. Focus on your goals and consistently make decisions to help you [...]

We Need To Talk About SUP Race Safety

The recent loss of a beloved member of the SUP race community has brought much needed attention to the safety in our sport. [...]

Act Now! 3 Tips To Help SUP Racing Grow

How do we grow stand up paddle racing? This seems to be the burning question of every SUP athlete, retailer, race director and [...]

SUP River Racing: The Future Of Our Sport?

With the largest purse in SUP racing, the Payette River Games has helped to put SUP river racing on the map. This past [...]

SUP Race Officials From 6 Countries Join First Online Course

The Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association is pleased to announce the completion of our first online race official certification on February 28th, 2015. [...]

The Ultimate SUP Training Program Is Coming Soon

We are very excited to announce our upcoming eBook, SUP Training the Smart Way, coming March 31st.  With contributions from Olympic paddlers and [...]

Five Tips For Your Best SUP Racing Season

If you’re anything like us, you are getting excited for the 2015 SUP racing season to get under way. However, excitement does not [...]

Using SUP Racing And Training To Do Good In The World

SUP racing is not always about elite athletic performance and carbon fiber boards. Stand up paddle boarding is often used as an avenue [...]

Launching The Online SUP Race Official Course

Join SUPAA president, Chase Kosterlitz, for a live online SUPAA race official certification on Saturday, February 28th from 9 AM-2 PM EST (6 [...]

The Results Are In: World’s First Global SUP Athlete Survey

We want to thank all 784 stand up paddle athletes who completed the world’s first global SUP athlete survey. This survey was designed [...]

The Year In Review And Exciting Plans For 2015

As we come to the end of our first year we wanted to thank all of the athletes, race officials and industry personnel [...]

Controversy At The World’s Biggest SUP Race

SUP racing rules are suddenly a hot topic for conversation on the beach and online after last weekend’s Battle of the Paddle. The [...]

2014 SUPAA Session Recap

Topics of discussion from the 2014 SUPAA Session.   3:00-3:15 What have we done this year? 26 certified race officials on 3 continents [...]

SUP Has An Identity Crisis…And We Love It!

Stand up paddle boarding has an identity crisis. The sport is growing steadily every year and it can’t be boxed into one single [...]

Be A Part Of SUP History And Get a Free eBook

Do you want to be an important part of stand up paddle boarding history? Today is your chance to contribute to the first [...]

ISA Cooperates With SUPAA On The Recent ISA World Standup Paddle And Paddleboard Championship

SUPAA is excited to share with you news about our cooperation with the ISA on their SUP World Championship event in Nicaragua last [...]

The Standardization Of SUP Race Distances

Running and stand up paddle boarding have a lot in common. The similarities start when you leave behind the fact that one is [...]

SUPAA And Manufacturers Announce Board Restrictions

We are happy to announce that SUPAA and the leading board manufacturers in the world have agreed to establish stand up paddle board [...]

The Ugly Truth About Prize Money

The Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association was formed to grow the sport of SUP while representing the interests of athletes, race officials, sponsors [...]

The SUPAA Rulebook Is Now Available In Japanese!

The support of SUPAA around the world has been amazing. In our first month we have members on 6 continents and over 15 [...]

Six Reasons Why Chaos In SUP Racing Has To Change

We were recently given the opportunity to share our vision for SUPAA with the Standup Journal. The article went live yesterday and has [...]

SUP Survey

* 1. Enter your email address for a chance to win a SUP prize pack worth over $700 and to redeem your free [...]

SUPAA Working With UK SUP Clubs Race Series

Stand up paddlers around the world are taking matters into their own hands. SUP racing is growing at an incredible pace and with [...]

Talking About SUPAA With SUP The Mag

SUPAA president, Chase Kosterlitz, had a chance to sit down for a short interview with SUP The Magazine during the Surf Expo in [...]

SUPAA Goes To The Big Show

This past weekend SUPAA was presented in front of 26k visitors to the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. Stand up paddle race directors, [...]

How Is SUPAA Different Than Other Organizations

There are many great stand up paddle organizations throughout the world working to promote the sport. However, we felt there was a need [...]

SUPAA Launch Generating Buzz

The soft launch of the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association has generated a lot of press from around the world. Stand up paddle [...]

Understanding The SUPAA Rulebook

Stand up paddle board racing is still in its infancy. There are certain growing pains that we must go through if stand up [...]

Sign Up For SUPAA Benefits Today

SUPAA members and corporate partners will help us achieve our mission to cultivate and continue the positive growth of our sport. Read below [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

WHO RUNS SUPAA? Our Board of Directors and Advisory Board members are the most experienced and accomplished stand up paddle athletes and individuals [...]

Who We Are

  The Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association is an organization created by many of the most experienced and decorated stand up paddlers in [...]