The Results Are In: World’s First Global SUP Athlete Survey

We want to thank all 784 stand up paddle athletes who completed the world’s first global SUP athlete survey. This survey was designed to help us better serve the interests of SUP athletes around the world. Next week we will announce the two winners of the NK Speed Coach GPS, SUP Training Stroke Analysis and our 9-week SUP training program.

We will be releasing a selection of the exciting results of our survey publicly to help paddlers gain better insights into the SUP racing community. SUPAA members will receive the complete survey results with detailed analysis. Become a member to find out which SUP race distances paddlers prefer and the style of races they enjoy. If you are a SUP race director then the full results of our survey can be extremely valuable for your next SUP event. Below is a sample result without the full breakdown of gender and age. It’s positive to see that over 300 paddlers polled will attend five or more races each year. Stay tuned for more exciting results and analysis from our SUP athlete survey!

SUP racing survey results