Country: USA
Resides: California, USA
Background: Business Owner, College Basketball, Kiteboarding

Chase grew up a dedicated basketball player, competing at a collegiate level before he retired for a life on the water. Kiteboarding became his first water sport in 2006 and eventually lead him into stand up paddle boarding. Chase started his stand up paddle business, Water Monkey, soon after he graduated from the University of South Florida. The first stand up paddle event that he raced in was one that he also helped to organize in the fall of 2009.  The challenge of participating in a new sport was exiting. Chase has competed in more than 55 stand up paddle events and organized 15 since 2009. More…

head shot 1BART DE ZWART

Country: Netherlands
Resides: Maui, Hawaii
Background: Windsurfing, Business Owner

Bart brings a wealth of knowledge from a lifetime of experience on the water. He was heavily involved in the prime years of windsurfing as an athlete and business owner. From 2005-2008 he sailed around the world with his family. Bart is now the owner and operator of one of the largest SUP shops in the Hawaiian Islands with Kanaha Kai Maui. Bart is probably most well known in the SUP community for his amazing endurance paddles. More…

Lina Augaitis Headshot LINA AUGAITIS

Country: Canada
Resides: Canada
Background: Gymnast, Triathlon, Elite Adventure Race, Rowing, Rugby

Lina is a school teacher and athlete. She grew up competing as a national level gymnast. Upon the completion of her career as a gymnast, she ventured into a variety of sports at the University level including rowing, rugby, wrestling, ultimate frisbee and eventually found the sport of triathlon. She raced in two World Championships (University and Long Distance Age Group) and found success within the province of BC. She later found off trail sports excited her even more, which led to many exciting years racing as an elite adventure racer. More…


Country: France
Resides: Corralejo, Canary Islands
Background: Windsurfing, Surfing, Inline skate racing

With a background in water sports, Eric easily made the transition into competition stand up paddling in 2009. Residing in the Canary Islands, he surfs and paddles in some of the best conditions on that side of the globe. The Canaries are often compared to Hawaii for their variety of great water conditions. Eric is a valuable addition to SUPAA for his experience with stand up paddle governing bodies. In 2011 Eric helped to establish EuroSUPA, the largest governing body for European stand up paddle events. More…

Travis Grant HeadshotTRAVIS GRANT

Country: Australia
Resides: Oahu, Hawaii
Background: Outrigger, Life Guard, Swimming, Surfing, Surf Ski

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Travis has spent most his life on the ocean. He started off as a junior life guard (nippers) at the age of five, followed by swimming, paddle boarding, surfing and surf ski. He eventually grew a strong liking for Outrigger Canoe paddling. Outrigger allowed and encouraged Travis to travel to beautiful destinations including Tahiti and Hawaii. His love for the ocean only continued to grow. As the SUP race scene emerged, Travis immediately took an interest to the sport. He placed 2nd at the Battle of the Paddle – Hawaii; his first major race. More…

Terrene Black HeadshotTERRENE BLACK

Country: Australia
Resides: Australia
Background: Surf Life Saving, Short Board Surfing

Terrene’s lives on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. She’s worked as a professional lifeguard for over 10 years. Terrene came from a surf life saving and short board surfing background and got into standup in 2011 after watching a fellow lifeguard training for Molokai. Terrene achieved her dream of winning the Molokai 2 Oahu in 2013, and made her debut at the Battle of Paddle- California with a 4th place.She continues to challenge herself in other areas of stand up paddling, but it’s the ocean where she is most at home. More…

Belar Diaz HeadshotBELAR DIAZ

Country: Spain
Surfing, Spear Fishing

A Biologist by trade, Belar got his MBA in Project Management and worked as a Manager in the service industry in Spain and the US. For the past two years, he has focused on SUP racing, as well as working within the SUP industry. Back in 2008, Belar bought a used board and within five minutes he was hooked. He loves how SUP gives you the flexibility to be on the water every day regardless of the conditions. “You can surf, you can race, you can do down winds; it’s a very complete sport, and also a great way to stay in shape,” says Belar. More…

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