2014 SUPAA Session Recap

Topics of discussion from the 2014 SUPAA Session.



What have we done this year? 26 certified race officials on 3 continents with two more courses planned for Australia in Novermber/December.

SUPAA members in 15 countries for 2014. Discussion on our consultation with the ISA to help facilitate with equipment, the rules and also running of the World Championship event in general (being part of the discussions when some penalties had to be given).


Discussion on our work with the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association (SUPIA), race directors, ISA and athletes.

The SUPIA Summit proved to have very positive feedback from the industry regarding SUPAA and our mission. We will be looking to further collaborate with the SUPIA for future projects. A kid’s class board is one such project we will be working with them on. The discussion centers around creating a board class specifically for junior racers.


2 year plan discussion

2015-Continue to certify race officials. Our goal is to have 70 certified SUPAA officials by the end of 2015.  Support/promote existing SUPAA races.

Work with SUPIA to establish a kid’s class and programs. It is our job as leading athletes to nurture the kids and help develop the sport.

The American Canoe Association (ACA) has a collegiate SUP race series and will adopt our rules. We are working with the ISA to do the same.

Increase our membership so we can continue to provide services and influence in the industry.

2016- 120 certified SUPAA officials. Establishment and implementation of an official junior class.

Fully functional European SUPAA race series with possibilities in other areas like Central and South America.



The SUPAA Rulebook discussion.

The standardization of race course distances.

The ‘Super Lap’ discussion. Majority were in favor of this format.

Addressing the false start issue at races.

Surf racing and interference rulings discussion.