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SUP Training Articles

Short on Time? Introducing the 1-Minute SUP Workout

Don’t you hate it when you don’t have enough time to complete a quality training session? Good news! You may only need 1 [...]

Interval SUP Training Audio Workout

In an effort to continue to improve the experience of stand up paddle athletes I have created an interval SUP training audio workout. [...]

How to Stand Up Paddle Downwind: A SUP Downwind Video Tutorial

Use this SUP downwind video tutorial to improve your downwind technique. Read the article I wrote for standupjournal.com below about the art and [...]

SUP Racing Fatigue: Perception IS Everything

What if exhaustion in a SUP race was not our physical inability to continue or push, but simply us giving up? SUP racing [...]

What SUP Racers Can Learn From Ultimate Fighting

Last weekend I watched the UFC 196 mixed martial arts (MMA) Championship and couldn’t stop thinking about the similarities between SUP racing and MMA. [...]

Use Duck Tape To Improve Your SUP Technique

Duct tape is a valuable asset to the unskilled paddleboard repairman or repair-woman. It can be used to patch holes in a board, [...]


Established in September 2013, the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association is an international governing body for stand up paddle board racing. With cooperation from athletes, race directors, sponsors and stand up paddle boarding constituent groups, we will establish standards for stand up paddle board racing rules and execution while providing valuable SUP training and SUP racing tools and resources.


  • Establish organizational standards to improve the quality of events and instruction.

  • Promote rules to ensure fair competition.

  • Endeavor to establish a standard of excellence in all aspects of stand up paddling.


SUPAA is dedicated to promoting excellence in the sport of stand up paddling. In pursuing this mission, SUPAA will (a) establish organizational standards to improve the quality of events and instruction (b) promote rules to ensure fair competition and (c) endeavor to establish a standard of excellence in all aspects of stand up paddling. These initiatives will produce a uniformly positive experience for stand up paddle constituent groups, including but not limited to: athletes, officials, sponsors, spectators, volunteers, media, consumers and manufacturers.

  • Implement the SUPAA Rulebook to standardize stand up paddle board racing rules.
  • Certify and educate SUPAA race officials to help implement race rules.
  • Coordinate board restrictions with stand up paddle board manufacturers to ensure stand up paddle boarding remains fun and inclusive for all participants.
  • Organize the scheduling of stand up paddle events in order to create the most value for event organizers, athletes and sponsors.
  • Cooperate with athletes, event organizers, sponsors and all constituent groups to ensure our efforts are effectively carried out.
  • Create youth development programs to provide new opportunities for access and growth of the sport.
  • Provide high quality, informative content about SUP training and SUP racing.

With the guidance of stand up paddle athletes, race directors and industry personnel, we will cultivate and continue positive growth of the sport of stand up paddle boarding.

Through our organizational programs we will provide a framework in which the path we set can be implemented and executed.

Through our membership and programs we will become a unified voice of the stand up paddle athlete while also representing the interests of stand up paddle board officials, sponsors, media, consumers and manufacturers.

Through our website we will provide comprehensive tools and resources for SUP training and SUP racing.




Stand Up Paddle News

Status Update: What’s Up With SUPAA and SUP Racing?

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Make SUP Racing Great Again!

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French Doc Prescribes SUP Instead of Pills

SUP can be a great tool to heal the mind and body. Any paddler will tell you this, and now if you live [...]

Breaking News: SUP Is In The Beach Olympics

With surfing getting the nod for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there has been a lot of talk about SUP and it’s path to [...]

Rest: The Most Underrated SUP Training Tool

There is one simple key to a successful SUP training program and competition schedule, yet it is often used improperly. Rest. Rest is [...]